lunedì 31 agosto 2009

Master At Work

Old skool_True Skool

domenica 30 agosto 2009

today spinning

early in the morining. alone. nobody in the street, spinning in this our FLAT land..

giovedì 27 agosto 2009


Soon Fresh New Iride's Frames...

Iride Beta Tester

good luck, Nik!

once upon a time..CINELLI

A few days ago, we were invited to visit a real bike Dome: CINELLI.
All began since my mystic frame was broken in a bad way..and I asked them if it was a "normal" breakage. So they invited me to try their "fork and frame test".
It was an amazing experience! I met Fabrizio (vice president), Massimo and Matteo.
I saw the prewiew of the collection, and I had the chance to visit "The" Bike's temple. In that moment, bike clearly appeared to me as a piece of art like never before!

Ps: the was my fault..and I talked about it at the phone with mr. Antonio Colombo...fantastic!

lunedì 17 agosto 2009


Just come back from our Stockholm visit.. a lot of bikers and a lot of Fixye!
was a great pleasure meet Russel from Tandem.. simple, fresh store.. TAK!
Hope to ride together soon!

giovedì 13 agosto 2009

Greatings from Formentera!

Hi guys,
what's going on?
hope you're enjoing your summer time as us!
waiting to see you soooonnn!